Keep your domain alive!
The easiest way to monitor the expiry dates of all your domains.

aliveDomain is a complete domain monitoring platform that tracks the expiry dates of domains and sends notifications through different notification channels.

Track Your Domains

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All-in-one platform for domain tracking.
Monitor your domains and get notifications of them.
Current Expiry Date

Domains are checked weekly. They are checked more often closer to the expiry date.

Advanced Notification System

Notifications are sent at 10 different times and through 6 different channels.

Customizable Dashboard

Dashboard can be customized. Saved filters can be sorted and added as a table or widget.

Create Custom Filters

Custom filters can be created with groups, remaining days and expiry date information about the domains.

Group Your Domains

Custom groups can be created to manage the domains easily. These groups can be used for the filters.

White Label for Agencies

Notification emails can be sent with your own business name, logo and message directly to your customers.

Who we help
For those who
Have domains in many companies and have difficulty in following them
Have domains in different companies for SEO and have difficulty in following them
Want to provide a better experience for their customers by tracking their domains
Want to get notifications from different channels besides email
Do not own but want to follow the expiry date of other domains
How It Works
Add your domains easily.

Enter the name or URL address of your domain.
Information about the domain will be added automatically.

Add your domains in bulk

Take specific notes to each of the domains

Add your domains
Track the expiry dates
of your domains.

Monitor the remaining days until the domain expires.
Information about the expiry date of the domain will be up to date.

Information about the last check and current expiry date

Track all of the expiry dates in calendar view

Track your domains
Get notifications of the expiry dates of your domains.

Get notifications through different channels and at different frequencies.
The notification frequency will increase more often closer to the expiry date.

Email, Zapier, Telegram, Slack, Discord and Webhook

90, 60, 45, 30, 15, 7, 5, 3, 2 days and 1 day before

Notification Channels
Send notifications to your customers on your behalf.

Add the information about your business and create an email template. Add the email address of your customer and your customer's name to each of the domains.
Notification emails that send on your behalf will appear as if they’re being sent directly by you.

Add your business name, website URL and logo

Customize your email template

Send notifications on your behalf
Pricing plans for businesses of all sizes
Try free for 14 days · No credit card required · Contact us for monitoring more domains
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Best for individuals

Up to 50 domains

Customizable Dashboard

Notifications through email

Notifications at 10 different times

Creating Custom Filters

Grouping Domains

Best for professionals

All Personal features

Up to 250 domains

Notifications through Zapier, Telegram, Slack, Discord, Webhook and Email

GoDaddy and Namecheap API Synchronization

Best for agencies

All Professional features

Up to 750 domains

White Label Email Sending

Sending Notification to Customer's Email

Custom Email Template

Custom Business Branding